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April 25, 2010

Apologize for the lack of food postings recently. So sooner or later, I will need to disassociate myself as a food blogger (that is if I’m even qualify as one). I guess the main challenges nowadays is having the time to devour our food properly in order for me to be able to give a review of what I eat. Guess that won’t happen until at least Kayden is a little big older.

Kayden’s been having some rashes and some slight cough, so he’s getting a bit agitated for the past 2 days. So for dinner with May’s parent yesterday, we wanted to go to some air-cond place instead of the normal ‘Dai Chow’ place.

So come Dragon-I, a place that I have said for quite a while that I wanted to eat (although I ate like a few times before), just out of sheer craving. So we head over the The Curve for dinner.

But it’s a bit unfortunate that when we were seated, we realised that the air-cond is not working in the restaurant, so we ended up in a slightly more posh place with no air-cond.


Their famous Shanghainese Dumpling is definitely a must try at RM9. 4 pieces of hand made dumpling, each with 18 foldings on the top and filled with meat and a flavoury soup. It’s the closest that you can get without visiting Shanghai.


Dragon-I is also currently having RM1 for a whole Soya Sauce Chicken, which taste quite good too. Well you must say that RM1 for a whole chicken must be a gimmick, but then again, the chicken is of the small size which I assumed that it’s spring chicken?


Their Fried Lai Mien with Mix Vege and Meat (RM13)  is pretty good with plenty of ‘Wok Hei’ and ingredients, goes well with their house made chilli sauce.


May’s dad ordered a Malaysia version of Cantonese fried, which is Thin Fried Lai Mien with Seafood (RM15), looked a bit plain but taste-wise it’s not bad either.


May ordered a Plain Lai Mien with Fried Pork Rib (RM16). The Plain Lai Mien is really plain so I didn’t get any pictures here. The Fried Pork Ribs looked good but she said it’s a bit on the chewy side.


Our last order is my Sichuan Dan Dan Lai Mien (RM13), hot and spicy with minced meat and peanut sauce. I didn’t realised that it’s with peanut sauce until it went into my mouth. Taste good with the peanut sauce, just hopefully I won’t get my gout attach today.

Overall it’s an okay dinner because halfway through, Kayden started crying like no tomorrow and I had to gobble up whatever I’m eating. RM100 for dinner with 4 person is considerably okay. The only regret is we have to rush through dinner and didn’t get to try their famous Lau Sa Bao. Well I guess that we have to wait till next time.

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