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March 11, 2010

It’s been quite a while since my last post in the office, mainly because there’s picture to upload when I do post like this in the office and have to depend on pictures I found on the net.

Been coming to the office like I used to work for the OZ market, yup that’s 645AM arriving at office. Main reason is to finish up some unfinished business that needs to be completed by tomorrow and I don’t want to stay in the office after 545PM, so I decided to come in early instead.

Coming to work early has it’s pros and cons, this morning I nearly wanted to sleep again, and yup, I do get sleepy by tea time. But being early also means that there will be seats in the LRT, something that I don’t get to do if I take the train during my normal working hours.

I also get to eat McD RM4 breakfast (not exactly RM4, but RM4.5) and enjoyed it in the office where it’s quiet.

Will be organizing a BKT session this Sunday, hopefully this week it’ll work!

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