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Lai & Lau Birthday Dinner @ Awet Thai Cafe, Yulek

March 2, 2010

The first of among all my friends that hit the big THREE O is both Lai and Lau. Melon’s birthday is sandwiched in between too but she’s busy with her netball tournament so she couldn’t make it. Lin was in the Land of the Lion for work so he missed out the dinner too. Pat who after 2 years of exodus is finally back in KL but he too can’t make it because he needs to rest his spinal slip disc thing!

Awet Thai Cafe has been blogged by quite a number of food bloggers and while it’s very near to my place, we never eaten here before until the 13th day of CNY this year. It also marks the 1st time Kayden following us out for a friends gathering in a shop restaurant, a good practise ground for our weekly dinner back at Kepong.

2 hours before dinner, it rained so heavily that we thought either one of us would stay back at home to look after Kayden but fortunately, the rain decided to stop when it’s almost time for dinner, so both of us could attend.


We were the 2nd last to arrive, and the gang already ordered a Thai Combo Set as they are too famished while waiting for us. Luckily we are not the last, Mr and Mrs Lau were the last to arrive.


Based on the owner (I assumed) recommendation, the 1st thing we ordered is their Green Curry Chicken (RM18). Deliciously flavoured with coconut milk and assorted spices, this is one of the dish that must not be missed! With bits of chicken, long beans and eggplants, the curry is tasty and with only a tinge of spiciness. Well suited for kids and people who can’t take spicy food.


BBQ Pork (RM32) is actually the pig’s meat along it’s neck. The meat is marinated and grilled to perfection that you can even eat it on its own. Order this is you are a pork lover!


The Steamed Thai Style Red Snapper (RM62) is very fresh, and done in the most traditional way. The soup is very refreshing with some lime and salted vegetables along with Chilli Padi, but again not too spicy.


However, the only let down of the night is their Thai Deep Fried Port Trotter (RM42). Most of us find it to be pretty bland as it’s just a pig’s leg, deep fried and served with some chilli sauce. Definitely can give this a miss if you are a Pork Connoisseur.


How can one don’t ordered Tom Yam Soup at a Thai restaurant. The Tom Yam Chicken Soup (RM36.50 for 5 person) is pretty good and spicy, with strips of chicken, mushroom and red onions. Although it’s for 5 person, the portion is big enough for the 10 of us. I know we should have ordered Seafood Tom Yam, but yours truly here couldn’t take any seafood so my friends are kind enough to order the chicken one instead.


With all the meat and spicy dishes, we ordered Thai Fried Kai Lan (RM11) so that we eat a complete meal.


We also ordered another green dish that Chinese seldom eat, which is Paku Vegetable (Fern). I only realised that half of my friends don’t take this vege, main reason because it left a weird feeling on your tongue, like how you feel when you eat a raw pineapple. I got to know this vegetable when I was in Kuching way back and it’s nice, so whenever I saw it at some Malay stalls, I will normally choose it. But it’s definitely not for everyone.

I have to apologize that I didn’t take a lot of photos of the attendees, mainly because I’m doing this most of the night.


Burping Baby Kayden.

The bill come up to RM340 which is about RM34/pax. Pretty cheap to satisfy your Thai taste bud.

Awet Thai Cafe

8, Jalan Kaskas 3,

Taman Cheras

Tel : 03-91319838

The only thing that you want to take note is to make reservation if you are planning to eat during dinner hours (630PM to 8PM) as the place is full house during this period. But if you come after 8PM, you shouldn’t have any problems finding a table.

On a side note, we were supposed to have a few photos of us BB’ing. As my hands are quite tied up, Lau managed to capture this but I’m hoping that more shots to follow.

IMG_2730 Edited

Have a good Tuesday nite!

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