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Kayden’s 1st Post, Swedish Feast @ Ikea

March 6, 2010

IMG_2780 Edited

Hi I’m Kayden and I’m going to be your blogger for the day. See? This is me, and daddy managed to capture me smiling, which I do quite often these days. And this is my crib.

IMG_278 Edited

My fan and my dog, yup I’m ready! Well, it’s Friday night and Uncle Lau asked if anyone fancy dinner, so daddy agreed and we met up at this place called Ikea, very famous in Sweden because they sell reasonable and cheap furniture. Mummy said that she wants to buy some boxes to keep those shirts, pajamas that I’ve outgrown and does not fit anymore, whatever that means.

I had my dinner before making the journey to Ikea, but it’s not so fortunate for both mummy and daddy because we are stuck in a jam for almost 1 hour and both of them are like starving when we reached Ikea. We’re lucky that the crowd at the Ikea cafeteria is quite alright.


Mummy ordered this BBQ Chicken Set that comes with dessert at RM9.90. The drumsticks looked pretty good and I wish I can eat grown-up food. It’s served with fries too!


The dessert that comes with the set mummy ordered. She said that it’s really good and sweet, the perfect dessert!


Daddy and Uncle Lau ordered the most famous dish at the Cafeteria, Swedish Meat Balls (RM10), with fries and Lingonberry jam. Daddy said that it still taste good and people still queue up to get it. Almost each table will have a plate of this meatballs, hmm, I wondered if it’s really that nice? I wondered.

IMG_2782 Edited

Daddy also ordered a plate of this.


Smoked Salmon with Honey Mustard sauce. Daddy said it’s yummy! Daddy loves salmon a lot, especially raw ones!

After their dinner, it’s time for me to eat again, so mummy brought me to the nursing room so that I can have my 2nd dinner. After that, mummy and daddy brought me to see lamps at Ikea, I love lights and I smiled when I saw them.

But on the way home, there’s no more light to see, so I decided to cry all the way home. That’s 40 minutes of crying inside the car! At the end, I was too tired that I didn’t even woke up that night for any feeding.

I guess all of you uncles and aunties should know where this Ikea is, because there’s only 1 right?

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  • Reply Sher Lin March 7, 2010 at 12:22 am

    hahaha… i can imagine little Kayden talking alright… crap… how scary is that?
    and he cried the whole 40 mins… hebat… i think he’s just training to be a good singer in the making, haha.

  • Reply Belen March 7, 2010 at 1:25 am

    Oh, what a lovely post!

  • Reply kampungboycitygal March 9, 2010 at 2:14 pm

    he is so CUTE and adorable! *pinch his chubby cheek*

  • Reply JD March 10, 2010 at 7:31 am


    Haha, well if you are in the car for 40 mins with him, er, things can go a bit complicated.


    Thanks, Belen!


    Haha, yes he is. Been quiet for the past 2 days after his 2nd jab. Guess must be tired.

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