I vote for Earth! How about you?

March 27, 2010

Just came back from a fun Karaoke session with my ex colleagues and was dead tired, but I have told myself to post this up because today is Earth Hour Day.

I wouldn’t go into the definition of Earth Hour, for more info, you can check it out at here.


This will be the second year running that I am hopeful to participate during the Earth Hour. Last year, while I didn’t spend that particular hour at home, I went to Pavilion to see how the lights goes off.

This year will be special because Kayden will be participating as well, still don’t know what will the arrangement be like but I will definitely play my part because my vote is for Earth!

I can darely said that I have definitely go greener! First on the list would be taking the LRT to work! Yup, sure sometimes it feels like a pack of sardine but at least I’m doing everything I can to reduce CO2 emission. Instead of plastic bags from grocery shopping, I make it a point to use woven bags now. Well, even the project that I’m handling is going green.

Since Kayden arrived, I would want the best thing for him and hopefully the Earth will still be there for him come 20 or even 30 years from now. You can also do you bit by switching of your light for an hour from 830PM on Saturday, 27th March.

I have pledge my vote to Earth, now will you?

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