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Kampachi, Pavilion Revisited

February 28, 2010


I have to admit that the photos that I took the previous time here at Kampachi was slightly off standard, mainly because I didn’t bring my tools around with me. Since me and May are celebrating our post Valentines’ Day lunch, I promise that you will definitely pay Kampachi a visit to satisfy your sashimi cravings.


A delicious pot of green tea, with some kind of plum after taste. RM12 per pot.


Who says you can’t enjoy good food with a new born. Yes, you can, provided your baby is sleeping like Kayden. If not, most of the time you won’t get to taste what you are eating.


May ordered Soba and Chirashi set, something that Sherlin previous order, but the Chirashi is slightly smaller scale because of a bowl of Soba.


I ordered the Sushi set. Something quite standard, sushi and shashimi, good enough for me.

IMG_2702 edited


Delicious soba noodles, made from buckwheat and have been enjoyed in Japan for more than 200 years. Apparently Kampachi’s Soba are hand made and do you know that less than 10% of the restaurant in Tokyo are actually hand made.


Yup, the Soba is surely lightweight and prepared nicely.


Ah, indulgences, the Japanese way.


Chirashi Don. Basically means sashimi on vinegar flavoured rice. Thick slices of Salmon, Octopus, Tuna with Ebikko and Tamago.


Ever wonder how thick is their sashimi? Look at it yourself! About half and inch thick, totally pawn those other Japanese restaurants that I have eaten before.


2 piece of Ebi Tempura to go with the Soba and Chirashi.


Chawamushi, done to perfection.


My Sushi Bento comes in 3 separate compartments. The middle one consist of a piece of Unagi, Tamago and potato salad.


Kampachi! This shot can only be done when both of us are eating.


The right compartment consist of various Nigiri sushi like the Sake, Toro and Inari, with 2 Maki rolls. The rice are not too mushy and just right. For best result, eat with Wasabi!


And the last compartment, consist of 3 types of sashimi. See how thick the slices were. Yums to the max!


Miso Soup, to go with the sushi and sashimi.


Last but not least, fruit platter for dessert.

The Soba & Chirashi set is price at RM48 while the Sushi Bento is at RM45. A very fair price to pay for the freshness of the sashimi and the rest of the ingredients that were use. And I certainly don’t mind dining here again the 3rd, 4th to whatever time because it’s just so worth it. And they also have a few outlets at most of the Equatorial Hotels around Malaysia, so those from Penang, you got no reason not to pay this restaurant a visit.

Hmm, I wonder whose birthday is coming up next, maybe can do another dinner party here.

Anyway, Kayden would like to wish all of you, Happy Chap Goh Mei tomorrow!

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Lot No. : 6.09.00, Level 6
Tel. : 03-2148 9608
Website :

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