Jade Crystal @ The Gardens

February 16, 2010

It’s been long since the last update, but I hope it’s not too late to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year!

But before I dwell onto how we spent our CNY, here’s a quick review of Jade Crystal @ The Gardens, pre CNY lunch.


Pardon the quality of the photos, it’s from my BB Curve.

We started with plate of Fried Mihun with Salted Fish and Seafood.


Which taste so-so. Just a simple fried mihun with some seafood.

IMG00048-20100209-1210 IMG00047-20100209-1208

The ‘Har Gao’ and Suckling Pig and Duck. I didn’t taste the ‘Har Gao’ so no comment on that. The Suckling Pig is alright but my guess is the pig is quite big because it almost tasted like Siu Yuk.

IMG00051-20100209-1214 IMG00050-20100209-1214

The ‘Yue Mai’ is one of a kind, different from the normal dim sum and the Egg Tart is also nothing to shout about.

IMG00053-20100209-1214 IMG00052-20100209-1214

Shanghai Siu Long Bao, which is also nothing to shout about, compare to the one I ate at Dragon-I. The same goes to their ‘Lau Sar Bao’.

IMG00054-20100209-1215 IMG00055-20100209-1217

‘Siu Mai’ which I didn’t get to taste because got prawn. The ‘Guen Ton Gao’, which is like a big Wantan with Shark’s fin. I still recalled the first time trying it back in Singapore very long time ago, but this one here is no where near the same like the one I tasted back then.

IMG00059-20100209-1223 IMG00058-20100209-1220

The ‘Lor Mai Kai’ and Fried Carrot Cake. Which you will know by now, also nothing to really talk about.

Sad to say, this is actually my 1st time eating at a Jade Crystal outlet but I don’t think I will try it again because the Dim Sum is somehow rather disappointing. But then again, if anyone of you reading this beg to differs, let me know.

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