CNY Lou Sang Dinner @ Grand Palace, Pavilion

February 21, 2010

Over the years, it has been a tradition for me and my friends to gather together for a Lou Sang session during CNY so it’s no difference this year. Pat was supposed to join us but was not able to make it due to some unforeseen circumstances, but we welcome a few new additions like Leanne, Yen2 and Cheng Yee.

Thanks to Lau, we managed to secure a room at Grand Palace, Pavilion and we chose the RM898 set.


Leanne, Yam and Lai.


Lin and Sui Lin.


Lau and Sheryl.


Us with Yen2 and Natalie.


Cheng Yee and Natalie.

A couple of snapshots while waiting for Jason and Melon, so that we can start dinner. Jason, despite being there early, ended up being the last to join the table because he’s out to get some ‘secret’ present.


Special ‘Yee Sang’ Served with Salmon.


We have extra-long chopsticks, quite handy for Lou Sang session to avoid dirtying your hands.


Let the ‘Lou-ing’ begins! Leanne busy capturing the moment for live BB update.




After. Yee Sang is good, with 2 plates of salmon. Definitely worth it, although I only get to eat 2 piece of salmon.


Traditional Style Superior Sharksfin with Crab Roe, which in this case, served traditionally in a bowl. Taste quite ok but nothing to shout about.


3rd Dish, Roasted Whole Suckling Pig, with some Bao type condiments. While the pig is good, I find it a bit small for the 13 of us, must be a really underweight pig. The bao on the other hand is too ‘keras’ (hard).


Pan Fried Pomfret Fish with Soya Sauce. Somehow special to pan fried a pomfret fish, because there’s a saying that you only pan fried a fish, if the fish is not fresh, so maybe that’s why. Well, taste almost the same as the fried pomfret fish that my grandma cooks at home.


Braised Mix Seafood with Abalone. Served with mini abalones (that a lot of Chinese restaurant serve nowadays), mushrooms, dried oysters and Hong Kong Choy Sum, is a bit tasteless to my liking. If it’s slightly salty, then it should be alright.


Fried Scallop and Prawn in Yam Basket, the ‘Prawn’ dish for the night which I normally have to avoid, but thanks to it being served with celery and yam, I’m able to eat those things instead and it tasted quite good too.


Steamed Rice with Assorted Wax Meat in Claypot. Ok it’s actually being served in a claypot, just that the waitress have divided it to us so it’s actually in a bowl. A dish known to stuff your stomach, if the earlier dishes are not filling enough. Tasted good with chinese sausages (and I realised that a lot of my friends don’t eat Mar Yun Cheong)


Dessert, Special Fancy Pastry, that consist of Steamed Nin Gou (Steamed New Year Cake) and Lau Sar Jin Dui. The Nin Gou is quite alright but the Lau Sar Jin Dui is really good, what’s Lau Sar you might be asking, it’s actually butter with Salty Egg yolk being make into fillings.


Red Bean Soup, which I couldn’t eat.

An okay dinner with nothing much to shout about on the food mainly because it’s CNY time. The total damage for the night is RM1.2k, roughly about RM94 per pax, but it’s way better than the one I had at Overseas Restaurant at Jaya One (my next post!)

Glad to meet up with the gang plus Yen2 and Cheng Yee (which I think must be 8-9 years since I last saw her), hopefully another outing soon.

Lot No. : 6.39.00, Level 6
Tel. : 03-2143 1128

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