CNY Dinner @ Overseas Restaurant, Jaya One

February 26, 2010

Chinese Food and CNY crowd equals bad dinner experience at the Overseas Restaurant at Jaya One. Never been a fan of Chinese restaurant food (not those hawker Chinese food though), mainly because most of the food are almost the same and there’s always bound to be one or two dishes that don’t serve on time. And of course when it comes to CNY period, the service deteriorates further.

We had a small CNY Dinner with May’s family last Friday at Overseas Restaurant, one of those so-so Chinese restaurant that I find the food just average. But I would say the CNY crowd really makes it from my unwanted places for food, at least for the next year or so.

We ordered a set menu for 6 people, and add in half a suckling pig.


Yee Sang for the night. I’m already spoiled by the 2 plates of salmon served at Grand Palace, so when I look at the ones serve here, it’s just pathetic. The Yee Sang also don’t taste anything special.


The Sharksfin Soup is also bland, so I need to add these to spice things up a little.


Doesn’t help much though.


Failure of the night. The Herbal Chicken is truly the worst dish that I have ever eaten at any Chinese restaurant. While the gravy might be flavourful, the meat of the chicken is like paper. And question, which part of the chicken is usually the most tender? It will definitely be the drumstick right? So if the drumstick also tasted hard, you can totally relate how the rest of the chicken meat will feel like.


The prawn is also another major letdown because it’s not fresh at all. The meat is soft and mushy, a classic example and prawns that are not fresh.


The Steamed River Patin is ok. Fresh and that’s it.


Half a suckling pig, which is alright. but the restaurant is too stingy with the dipping sauce, which is a must to go with those crunchy skin.


The best food of the night, is the Lap Mei Rice. Cooked to perfection with a few types of wax meat. It’s lucky that they got this right to fill up our stomach.

There’s also a plate of vege, which I don’t think it’s worth to take a shot.

We have to wait for more than half an hour to get our dessert, which is Fried Nin Gou, which I find even the stall at Imbi Market tastes better.

I definitely won’t recommend this place for your annual CNY gathering so I won’t be posting their address here. Try at your own risk.

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