First Makan Post in 2010!

January 2, 2010

Happy New Year again! How did you spend your 1st day of the new year? With food being the main priority this year (along with baby Kayden and more techie stuffs), I think it’s best to have the 1st post, food related.

Some of you reading this might know that I got a BB for Christmas, so I’ve posted up my iPhone for sale. And on the first day of the year, I’m supposed to meet up this buyer near Kota Raya to complete the deal.

The deal is smooth and right after that, both me and May head over to Petaling Street to have our breakfast.


Kam Lin Gei, is situated opposite the famous longan drink in Petaling Street. The stall specialty, it’s their Chee Cheong Fun.


It’s also located beside the famous Hon Kee Porridge as well. One thing nice about this stall is the owners (which I think is a group of sisters), will greet each and every customer that comes along. Ah, Malaysian hospitality at it’s finest! Despite being a public holiday, there is already a huge crowd both at this stall and Hon Kee.


Their Chee Cheong Fun is one of the best that I’ve tried. The noodles is smooth and nice (as in ‘Dan Hou’) and the sauce (which the owner said is home made) is really tasty. My plate consist of the sauce with chilli sauce. Super nice!


May opted for a plate with just the sweet sauce. She couldn’t wait so you can see it’s all messed up.


My standard pose with my food. Price wise it’s quite pricey. Both plates plus 2 herbal drinks costs us about RM9.

We went to do some last minute shopping at 1U. Was supposed to meet up with Lai and Kellie but at the end didn’t met them at all. I got some shirts at FCUK since there’s 15% cash rebate for my Amex Card.

That aside, we walked around for a while to check out thermometers for baby Kayden. Ended up getting one which is about RM179 (minus 15% cash rebate and RM20 voucher).

Since Lai and Kel had their brunch at Canton-I, we head for lunch at Nippon Yataimura Japanese Restaurant, situated at LG near the Maxis store.


Feels like we are eating ramen in Japan.



We are there early, so there’s not a lot of people in the place.

P1000160 P1000164

Jasmin being a big eater, a bowl of Shoyu Ramen and Ebikko.

P1000165 P1000162

My Super Spicy Gekikara Ramen and May’s Wakayama Ramen. Both soup is super nice, especially mine!

P1000163 P1000166

Another posing session for the blog!

The ramen were surprisingly pretty good. Especially mine. It’s filled with pork and the soup is very spicy to my liking. Definitely recommended! I think the shop is somehow related to Oh Sushi in MidValley.

After lunch, we hang around at the Digi Roadshow because Jasmin was mesmerized by this.


Wii Boxing, with Virtual Reality glasses. She pawned the other girl that she’s fighting. (Thanks for constant practising at home!)

We had a fun New Year’s Day. How about you?

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