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January 24, 2010


The 1st time I tasted a very good Tiramisu Cake, it was from Secret Recipe. Back then, it use to be a cake shop that sells quality cakes, and their signature Tiramisu is one of them. Over the years, they have diversify and serve a variety of hot meals as well. Some of if (like the Lamb Shank) is also one of the award winning dish.

The Thursday that I went back to work (after my paternity leave), I met up with lunch gang for lunch. Not knowing what to eat, I suggested Secret Recipe, because they are having this Buy 3 Free 1 meal promotion on American Express cards. Basically you pay for 3 ala carte meals, and you get the 4th one free.

So we proceed to order 4 main dish from the menu to be eligible for this promotion.


Jiun ordered Fried Dory with Lobster Sauce. Which turned out to be the last piece of fish that they have because subsequently when Shireen want to order it, the waiter said that they are out of fish!


So SherLin and both Shireen & ChinChin ordered Chicken Chop Rice instead. Notice that I took half a photo of the rice because SherLin is too hungry and chow down some rice already by the time I took out my phone. (Oops, I’m not supposed to say that)


I ordered the signature Irish Lamb Shank. Lamb shank, mashed potatoes and a bun.

The Fish, according to Jiun is quite alright. As for the chicken chop rice, I remembered once a few years back that it turn out to be uncooked, so I will always try to avoid that if possible. But SherLin and both Shireen & ChinChin don’t have any complains on it either, so my guess it’s not as bad as my previous experience.

My lamb shank is quite alright, but it’s not as ‘signature’ or ‘award-winning’ like it used to be. But for the price of 3 ala carte, I think it’s acceptable lar.

The only problem with the whole dining experience at this particular Secret Recipe is getting your message across to the waiter or waitress. I have to ask a few times for this Buy 3 Free 1 Amex promo and the staffs are not that particularly knowledgeable on the promotion. I guess that’s the problem when the owner decided to hire foreigners as staff. Quantity versus quality.

Overall, it’s a good lunch and the bill is about RM76. That’s about RM16 per pax, which is quite worth it. So remember to ask for the Amex promo when you dine at Secret Recipe next time, explain the promo to the staff if need be, because sometimes they are just uninformed. Till then, enjoy!

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  • Reply Sher Lin January 24, 2010 at 11:40 pm

    Aiya, my used fork betrayed the ‘supposed to be untouched food’…

  • Reply JD January 25, 2010 at 10:20 am


    haha, I thought I already mentioned it on the post? nvm lar, still looks good. althought the chicken like koyak already lar.

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