A morning at OUG

December 6, 2009

Despite Saturday, we were up early so that we could drove over to OUG (Overseas Union Garden) for short to have breakfast. It’s a nice place to stay and also brings back a lot of growing up times memories, as I spent my entire primary school days staying at my grandma’s house.

My primary school is actually very near and I still remember my BMX days where I will be cycling around the garden.

Ok, apart from all the stories, there’s of course a variety of food to choose from the many coffee shops and stalls near the market. Stephen’s Corner, also have a very humble beginning where it used to be a mamak. Not like the ones in Pandan or Midvalley right now. Back then, it’s much more personal and the packet nasi lemak is very good. Too bad they don’t do it anymore nowadays.

Also there’s something that I end up eating while I was growing up in this area.


The ‘Siew Mai’ from a particular coffee shop here is still the best ‘Siew Mai’ in town (for me at least!). During my chubby days (like 4-5 years old),I can actually eat 2-3 plates of these babies. After 25 years, it still taste as good.


The ‘Yue Mai’ is not bad either. But I still prefer ‘Siew Mai’!


The ‘Wu Kok’ is also not bad. The dim sum is a bit pricey (RM6.70) but it’s a price you have to pay for having good food!


Another specialty in this coffee shop is Pepper Pork’s Stomach Mee. Still taste good as well and for RM4, it’s well worth the price.


The Wan Tan Mee is not bad either but the ‘Char Siew’ is not as succulent. If any of you reading this ever come to this place, be there early as the crowd is almost never ending.

IMG_0412 IMG_0411

After the meal, we spent some time looking for another nostalgic stall near the market that sells nasi lemak. Unfortunately, the stall is still closed. Must be Hari Raya Haji mood. Managed to take a few shots around the area.

IMG_0415 IMG_0413 IMG_0414

I also got a picture of this nasi lemak stall that I bought from Connaught Pasar Malam.

IMG_0417 IMG_0416

Wanted to get but there’s so many people queuing up so ended up going back empty handed.

That’s how I spent my Saturday morning, how about you?

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