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November 18, 2009

I think the last post was a cheat. But then again, it does feel like Armageddon with all the sky being so dark and all. Don’t you think? It must be the gloomiest Monday ever.

Er, not going to post any photos this time around. It’s already 11pm and it’s almost time to bed. Will be busy for the next 2 nights with Annual Dinner happening tomorrow and Friday dinner with the Amex Lunch gang at Delicious. Will keep posted. I still have Lin’s photos not posted yet since last Thursday.

Other updates includes currently busy playing Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2, busy reading some Japanese Manga and playing with my newly restored iPhone.

Soo much to do…so little time. Btw, if any of you reading this, please ‘like’ my link in FB so that I can get to win a netbook. Also hope that I win the 32 inch LCD TV from the annual dinner tomorrow. Till then, will update once all this busyness has subside.

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