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Left 4 Dead 2

November 25, 2009
















What would you do if you are one of the 4 survivors left in your town/county where all the rest is infected by the zombie virus? Of course, I will start to grab whatever weapons available and start to fight for survival lar.

But then again, I was thinking, it’s easy to get access to weapons in the States, but if in Malaysia, I think the only thing we can probably find is parang. I guess that will definitely decrease our chance of survival by 50%.





















I only found out when I was playing it over online with my cousin that each campaign is like a movie, hence you will see a poster like above. Something very different, it gives you a feeling like it’s in a movie and you  are one of the 4 main character. So I expect a few more late nights playing this lar.

By the way, still owe Lin his birthday post. Will do it later tonight, if I am not killing any zombies lar!

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