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JD Cooks ~ Home Made Fajita

November 7, 2009

Gone are the days where you need to fly to Mexico for Fajita. Ok, I exaggerated a bit. You don’t really need to fly to Mexico to have that, instead you can probably find it in any Fridays, Chilis or La Frontera. If it’s still too much of a hassle to go to these places, you can try making your own fajita.

Home made fajita is made easy by this.


Old El Paso’s Fajita Dinner Kit. It’s been available in the market for quite sometime and I think I will sometimes cooked it during my UK days. Basically the kit will contain 10 Flour Tortillas, Mild Fajita sauce and also a packet of seasoning mix. Basically what you need to get is some onions, chicken/beef and bell pepper.


(Oops no electricity! Lightning and thunderstorm currently in Kepong, scared the hell out of me!) Ok, back to cooking. Basically all of the ingredients is shown above.


Firstly, slice the bell pepper to proportionate size.


The same goes to the onion.

IMG_0424 IMG_0427

Next, I diced up chicken and marinated it a little with oil, salt & pepper and some corn flour (so that the meat will be tender!)

IMG_0428 IMG_0430

After 10-15 minutes, can start to cook already! Fry the chicken until it’s golden brown and then it’s time to,


add in the remaining ingredients, along with the seasoning mix. Once all the ingredients looked like the above, then you can start prep-ing the tortillas. Just put the tortillas into the microwave for about 2 minutes and that’s it. It’s all set!


How you eat it depends on you. You can choose the amount of stuffing you want. So for me, it’s basically like this…


ok lar, it’s a bit small but have to conserve the stuffing coz got 10 tortillas mah. Anyhow, home made fajita, it’s the next best thing you can do aside from going to Fridays or Chillis. Till then, have fun!

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