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Wednesday Pasar Malam Food

October 7, 2009

My family was again away yesterday, today and tomorrow. So instead of having home cooked dinner, we have to either resorted to cook ourselves or eating outside. Cooked Claypot Chicken Rice yesterday, so decided to go to the famous Connaught Pasar Malam to get our dinner instead.

I reached home about 630pm and after picking up May we head straight out to the Pasar Malam. I don’t walk pasar malam nowadays because it’s so pack with people. It’s either I will be there early or I won’t go at all. So 630pm consider early lar.

We walked about less than 30 minutes and head straight back home to chow on the things we bought.


First on the menu, Taiwanese Fried Chicken Nuggets, with lots of 5 spice and chilli powder. Yummylicious but very fattening!


3 pieces of Chuka Idaho, from left Original Flavour, Wasabi Flavour and Spicy Flavour. RM5 for 3! Pasar malam nowadays are so diversify that you can even find Japanese street food around. Not to mention there’s Tako Tao and whole lot of other countries delicacies as well.


A packet of Char Kway Teow to be share among the 2 of us! Quite ok, better than the one that my bro bought last Friday. Not too spicy and just nice.


A packet of Nasi Lemak with sotong for myself. This is the first time I saw this stall in the pasar malam (not that I went there a lot of times lar) but the nasi lemak is actually quite nice. Definitely worth a try if any of you reading this are dropping by. It’s a stall opposite CIMB bank. RM3 for this packet.


May on the other hand bought some economical mee plus luncheon meat. She didn’t finished it because she said that it’s a bit sourish. I told her Loh Shue Fun are supposed to taste like that. In the end, almost half of the portion went into the bin.

The highlight of the meal is this.


Chow Tau Foo or Smelly Tofu! It’s quite difficult to find this stall. Not too sure if they operate weekly so I am quite glad that I got hold of some today. I have a friend who purposely drive all the way from Manjalara just to get her teeth on some.

So after eating our main course (the nasi lemak, economy mee and char kway teow), we continue munching these as snacks. Smelly tofu despite the look is not really that bad. Of course it’s like something that went bad but definitely you can put in into your mouth. I ate about 4 of those and May said she wanted to try 1. So she happily took it a put it into her mouth like this.


But is was not long that from this picture, to these!

 IMG_0612 IMG_0613

Hahaha, I think she exaggerate a little lar, the smell is bearable.


Well for me at least!

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