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Switching Broadband.

October 25, 2009

I have been thinking about doing this for a while and was hoping that P1 W1Max is going to expand their coverage to my area. There’s a lot of negativity of P1 too despite being one of the first Wireless Broadband Network in Malaysia.

But I guess when I am not paying the Broadband at home, I can’t say much on who can use the line and who cannot use the line right? Even if I offer to pay for the Streamyx bill now, I still don’t think so I can have a say on that.

It used to be ok, because I can still go on Xbox Live when I finished work at 330PM, but ever since I switched jobs, it’s getting more difficult. Difficult in the sense that when I want to login on Xbox Live to play Resident Evil 5 or Gears of Wars 2, there will be someone on the other room streaming ‘god knows’ what Taiwanese serial. It’s more frustrating that when ok since I can’t play online games I can go online only to know that you can even load a web page. That’s how the bad P2P is affecting the bandwidth.

That’s why occasionally you will see me putting funny write-ups on FB commenting on people without common sense. And since then, I really wished that I had a connection on my own, where I am responsible of paying the bills. At least then, I can dictate what to do and what not to do.

So for the past few weeks, I have been looking up and down to check if there’s any good broadband deals around town. And I found this particular site that offers testing of all the wireless broadband services that is offered in KL. So I called up the guy so that he can do a pre test in my house and come today, he was here.

After all the testing, I am inclined to try out P1. So let’s hope that this week will be a good week to be able to fully test the services.

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