Restoran Gafan @ Taman Connaught

October 1, 2009

Apart from Nasi Lemak and Hokkien Mee, another favourite food of mine is Claypot Chicken Rice. And if I can’t eat it outside, normally I will try to request it at home. Hmm…maybe this can be added onto the recipe as well (Note to self)

Well, there’s also a shop near my place that actually sell quite good Claypot Chicken Rice, and the name of the place is Restoran Gafan (add rice in Cantonese!).

Situated near the famous Yip Chi Mei Pao, you can easily spot the place as you turn into East-West Link from Kajang/Leisure Mall. It’s where the Connaught Pasar Malam is if you really want to really really make it clear.


Luckily the place is not that full despite it’s a public holiday, I guess the crowd is still back in kampung. We quickly seated ourselves and ordered our lunch.

As usual, May is a soupy person so we ordered a bowl of steamed soup.


I’ve forgotten what’s the name but it consist of wolfberry, chicken and some other Chinese herbs. One sip and you will know that there’s ample amount of time taken to boil this soup. Best to drink while hot!

We initially wanted to order 1 claypot for 2 of us to share, but we ended up ordering 2.


I ordered the ordinary Claypot Chicken Rice with Salted Fish (RM7). Might seemed a little too much but I can assure you that it is just nice for 1 person.


May meanwhile ordered the Drunken Chicken Rice (RM10) which is one of the chef’s recommendation. Some of the others that are on the list includes the Mutton Claypot Rice as well as Black Pepper Chicken Claypot Rice. We tried it during our first visit and decided to try something else.

Well, do you recalled eating Claypot Chicken Rice at those food court in shopping malls? Normally it’s just 3, maybe 4 pieces of marinated chicken and once it’s done, the staff will just pour over some soya sauce so that it will look black (which it was supposed to look like) and tasteful. But it’s an entirely different thing here.

When the rice is served, you will see that it’s cooked to perfection and not like another claypot chicken rice store. At least the claypot looks way better right?

You might asked, how do you differentiate a good claypot rice vs a bad claypot rice? Well for me at least, it has to be not BURNED! There are quite a few occasions in some of the food courts where once I put the first spoon into my mouth, I knew that it’s overcooked, which makes the whole pot smelling like burned rice. That’s definitely a NO-NO!


The rice here is soft, with just those at the bottom a bit crisp. They also add in chopped onion to make the rice more flavourful. So this place is actually way better and have a lot more variety.


So if any of you reading this happens to pass by Connaught during lunch/dinner hour, do drop by and give it a try, I am sure you will like it! At least I know I do!

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