May’s Birthday Celebration @ Champs Sports Bar, Center Point

October 28, 2009

A week after May’s birthday, her brother decided to treat her for her birthday as well so we ended up at this place in Centre Point in Bandar Utama. Despite giving a feeling that it’s a dead place, it does house quite a number of different restaurant. And one of it is Champ’s Sports Bar.


It’s not a really big place but it is quite famous for it’s pork dishes. There are quite a number of newspaper cutting hanging on the wall, so I assumed that surely it should be good. The crowd here is a mixture of family oriented and old folks. So I guess if any of you who are young and hippy, you might miss out this place while you are there.


Champ’s “Damn Shiok” Bistro. They served mainly local delicacies and the menu comprises of a lot of pork dishes. Like Hokkien Mee, Prawn Mee, Pork Ribs, etc. So if you are a pork lover, then this bistro is the place!


Their sambal belacan is really good, goes great with either Hokkien Mee or Loh Mee.


As starters, we ordered a plate of Penang Rojak. I didn’t taste it because of the prawn sauce but from what May said, it’s pretty good.


The other starter (which came after our main meal) is the fried pork belly. It’s really crunchy and tasty and definitely a must try.


Then come the main dish. May ordered Loh Mee, and their portion is quite big and can be shared by 2 people. Contains pork lard is makes it even tastier.  Also comes along with a fresh egg to make the noodles smooth and silky.


The Hokkien Mee is not bad either. Almost similar to the ones in Chan Sow Lin. The portion however is a bit small though (at least for me who’s a Hokkien Mee lover!)


This was one of the disappointed dish that we had that night, which is Fried Rice. The reason it’s disappointing is because, it’s been burnt and you can taste the burned taste while eating it. Might be a lapse of skill by the chef and should be improve. So any of you wanting to try this better think twice.


I ordered Hainanese Pork Chop, which sort of tasted like Pork Chop on tomatoes ketchup, something like ‘Gu Lou Yuk’. It’s not bad and it’s something different. It’s not cooked in the same way like Yut Kee but have it’s own unique taste. I am ok but again the portion is a bit small for the price.

Not too sure how much the bill comes up too but I think the price could be cheaper. Anyhow it’s a good place to try if you’re into pork. I read that their Pork Ribs is really good, so maybe I shall go for  a second visit. Maybe…

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  • Reply Sher Lin October 31, 2009 at 12:11 am

    Think this is the place my friend once sang in for part time job.
    Did u hear anyone sing that nite?

    • Reply JD November 1, 2009 at 9:53 am

      I think I was too early, but there’s a small setup there. My guess is there should be people singing later at night…

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