Ninja Jones @ North Point, Midvalley

September 5, 2009

About 2 years back, there’s this restaurant that pops out of nowhere with an interesting concept. The male workers there would be dress up as ninjas and they will throw the bill like a syuriken. The place is located in North Point, the building next to Midvalley Megamall with the name Ninja Jones. The setup is like a Japanese Dojo, something fresh and different than your average Japanese restaurant. I was there when we were celebrating Sher Lin’s 2 years back.

I have always wanted to bring May there but it just didn’t materialise until last Sunday. Fast forward to the present, Ninja Jones is still there (luckily!) as a lot of the other shops around that place is either relocated or business closed. I was so eager to show them of the sliding door of the restaurant but it’s not working anymore. The door is just wide open nowadays.

To our surprise, we are the first customers there on a Sunday afternoon. I was thinking it could be it’s Puasa month.

So after seated, we browsed through the menu and ordered what we like. I ordered a Salmon Sashimi set, May ordered the Grilled Chicken set while Jasmin just ordered a simple Soba.


The set is price on the higher side, ranging from RM25 all the way to RM80 (that is if you choose those with Wagyu or Raw Salmon). As we are the 1st customers, our food was served quite promptly.

First to arrive was the salad that comes with the set.


Then the Chawamushi.


The salad is quite refreshing with sesame sauce dressing. You can also get this in on of those Japanese supermarket. The Chawamushi is not bad either, with adequate portion of slice fish, ginkgo, crab sticks and chicken.

A shot before the main dish.


The Ebi Tempura Soba that Jasmin ordered.


The Grilled Chicken Set that May ordered.


And the Salmon Sashimi that I ordered.


Although the crowd is no longer like the way it used to be 2 years back, but the food quality is still good. The salmon sashimi is very fresh and melts in my mouth. While the tempura that comes with it is not bad either.

IMG_0389 IMG_0392

You know the food is not bad when both of them are smiling while they are eating. Overall it’s a nice lunch and the price is not bad either, RM100 for the 3 of us. Worth a visit if you are up for something new and want to take pictures with ninjas (since we don’t get to do that often right?) Unfortunately, we didn’t do that lar…


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    check it out spread it around.. tell ur family and frens

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