Lunch Gang Gathering @ Bermuda & Onion

September 17, 2009

It’s Wednesday evening and it’s raining. I was still waiting in the office for the cue to go dinner with the lunch gang. So by 630pm, some is still washing their hair, some is just finishing yoga and some just dunno doing what in the office. So ended up Lily being the first to arrive, followed by me. And I think my workplace is the furthest.

The purpose of dinner is actually to celebrate Lily and Kel’s birthday and ‘suen bin’ meet up lar. So after schedule and rescheduling, hence the dinner is 1 week after their actual date. After a long email contemplating on where to eat, we ended up here.


After reading a couple of review from KY and Vkeong, I thought this might be a good place to try (since they also serve pork!).

Setting wise, it’s a bit contemporary and with ample lighting and the mirrors on the walls makes the restaurant quite spacious. So while waiting for some of them, I ordered a cup of Hot Vienna Chocolate, since it’s a rainy day.


So while waiting, I tested my new Tamron lens coz I never took any picture outside of my house before (at night that is!).


Cut long story short, most of them ordered some funny looking drinks. Like these…

IMG_0235 IMG_0233 IMG_0234

Most of the stuffs in the menu are somehow related to pork. And it’s quite a new twist compare to El Cerdo or Bavarian Bierhaus.

There were 7 of us, so we ordered 5 main course + 1 salad.

IMG_0254 IMG_0242 

The Caesar Salad that comes with smoked salmon and Pig Cordon Bleu. The salad is pretty good as it’s crunchy with bits of croutons, eggs and salmon. The Cordon Bleu is not bad either but some will actually feel that it has a strong porky smell. For me, I think it’s quite alright.

IMG_0246 IMG_0245

Next comes the Hot Sausage Plate, served in a hot plate with a serving of mashed potatoes and mushroom. The sauce is quite unique and the sausages is also quite nice. The second dish is chosen by me, which is Wild Boar Fettucine. Basically it’s sort of like meatball pasta but instead of beef, they use wild boar instead. I have eaten a lot of wild boar especially those cooked with curry, but this is definitely my 1st time in such a style.


Er, this is actually a lamb shank, but I don’t know why it looked like a piece of mess. It’s the angle, slight off-angle, oops, still getting use to the DSLR. The Traditional Braised Lamb Shank is quite traditional, although I am still wondering where’s the traditional-ity. According to some of the girls, they said it’s quite good. I find it ok lar but then maybe I am biased towards the one from Secret Recipe.


The last and final dish which I am also responsible of ordering, Parma Ham Sandwich. Prosciutto, or Parma Ham is actually dry-cured ham that is quite famous in Tuscany. Read more in wikipedia if you want to know about it. I have heard a lot while watching AFC, that’s why I wanted to give it a try. With the ciabatta bread and cheese, it’s quite good although it’s not really a dinner meal.

So while eating, most of my lunch gang wanted to do what me and May normally do, which is these…

IMG_0272 IMG_0258 IMG_0260 IMG_0263 IMG_0259

Kel, sorry didn’t put any of your pictures coz you are always on the move in the picture. And er, Shireen….your picture a bit big, because you are the one that the picture I took horizontally, but nevermind lar, more ad space!

Last but not least, myself.


I am quite satisfied with the food as well as the place. RM300 for the 7 of us is quite reasonable. So now need to wait for the next outing.

Before I conclude this post, here’s a picture of the whole gang minus the photographer (me) and Kel (because she’s lazy to move).


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  • Reply shireen September 18, 2009 at 12:05 pm

    I'm Privilege coz my picture bigger than others & same size with yours..hahha…

  • Reply JD September 18, 2009 at 2:24 pm

    wah you so late also still in office ah?

  • Reply Chin Chin September 25, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    Actually I don’t mind if the pic is big or small, as long as my pic is nice…..haha

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