Recapping August

August 31, 2009

August is supposed to be my ‘staycation’ month but I have to cut it short to help out at my dad’s shop. The best part is the job requires one to be there for more than 12 hours, running here and there, dressing up so that I get to get 2/3 of my DSLR. So you can imagine how tough the job is that I actually rant about it here.

I also started my new job on the 17th, moving from an international MNC to a local bank. It’s a new environment and lots of things to learn which I think in a way will help me later in my career.

Both me and May had been shopping non-stop as her bump is getting bigger and most of the clothes that she’s wearing now don’t fit so she had to basically change the entire wardrobe. Baby-wise, everything is good and we got to know it’s a boy and have been actively kicking and punching for the past week or so. I haven’t been able to feel it yet.

Eating wise, have been to numerous places to try something new, I would say it’s the month that I ate a lot and took photos a lot too. Will review them 1 by 1 when time permits. Before I end, just some random photos I took during the month.














Dinner with Pat and family when they are back from HK.

IMG_0053 IMG_0005

May with our nephew.

IMG_0062 IMG_0047 IMG_0214 IMG_0175

Some of the food we ate.

Most of the pictures are took from my new DSLR. Still got lots of rooms for improvement.  So to all of you who have contributed to my blog, Happy Merdeka! and have a lovely September!

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