1st Day @ Work

August 17, 2009

Today is my 1st official day at work. Remember for the week before last I was testing out the time to leave my house? Well I reached the office an hour early and had to wait till 845am. I think this is going to be my routine for the next dunno how many months.

I need to setup another bank account for crediting of salary (the whole process takes about an hour) and all is done about 11am before I am being brought to my dept situated on the 39th floor.

Most of my new colleagues are ladies, including my new boss. And guess what, I am sitting beside my boss. How’s that? Basically today is just a introductory day getting to know the place, the people and the culture. So far so good, and my workstation is much better compare to what I imagined it to be.

Well, I guess there’s a lot of new things to learn. Keep up!

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