Staycation cut short!

July 31, 2009

My staycation had been cut short by 10 days. And I have to report to help out at my dad’s shop next Friday onwards. It’s a difficult thing to turn down if it’s family. So I guess it’s 10 days of kuli-ing work before I start my new proper job. What will I be missing, well my chance to just stay at home and do nothing but resting. Sigh, sometimes I just wondered what if I am still working, then what will they do?

I have just came back from KL. And leaving my house at 730am to work will not work as I am stuck in a crawl all the way to KL. So next week, I think I will try a different time and route. I am actually fine tuning the perfect time to leave the house for work so that I can maximize my sleeping time.

May also need to go down to KL today for training so we had our breakfast there. Oh man, I am beginning to miss the stress free traffic already but then again, something’s gotta give.

Since my staycation is cut short, I will be optimizing the last 7 days to do something, like going to Genting today. Have actualy planned this awhile back just some sort like a trip with colleagues and time to have a little bit of fun.

I still have some pictures to post up, will do that when I come home tomorrow.

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