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July 4, 2009

Well, I never really told a lot of people this but about a few years back, I got to know that my heart beat is different from a normal person. But then again, it does not make any difference in me living like a normal person.

When I went to do a medical check up about 5 years back, the doctor said that my heart beat will normally missed a beat after 3 beats, missed another beat after another 2 beats. But the doctor didn’t mentioned anything as he said it’s normal and will normally go away if I started exercising.

And throughout these past 5 years, I have done quite a number of ECG before and the same was told to me by these doctors. That is until today…I was doing my medical check up for this new company I am joining, and I took the liberty to explain my situation to the doctor, however due to my honesty, my medical report is pending my visit to a cardiologist.

So a 1 hour check up turned into a half a day ordeal. I was referred to a specialist nearby but the specialist does not work on a Saturday. And after making 2 calls to 2 different hospital, I ended up in Tawakal Hospital. I was supposed to do this thing called ‘Stress Test’, where they will paste a few wires around your chest and then you are required to walk and run on the thread mill.

The doctor was good enough to explain that my heart beat is normal when I start exercising so it’s actually a good sign. So the doctor will only able to provide me the report, earliest on Tuesday. So I guess my job offer will be at least pending till Wednesday or Thursday. But I think it’s worth it as at least I knew that everything is normal.

Next week will be a critical week. A lot of things that need to be settle…so I need to prepare myself mentally. =)

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