Going round in circles

July 7, 2009

I have been going round in circles these 2 days, and the cause of all this is because a GP is not convinced that my heart don’t have a problem. And then 1 hiccup lead to another, I am only be able to get my report on Thursday.

So much for getting all done by tomorrow! Sigh, I guess I will have to wait till at least Friday before I can do anything. So frustrating ler!

Ok, the story is like this. Thanks to a very ‘clever’ GP who referred me to specialist on Saturday, I have to go to Tawakal Hospital to do my ‘stress’ test. And thanks to the ‘clever’ GP, the specialist will only be able to prepare the report by today. But then, the specialist didn’t knew that he was on leave today, so the report will only be available tomorrow.

So while my impatience is already creeping all over me, suddenly the clinic where I did my medical said that the very ‘clever’ GP is not available on Wednesday and will only be back on Thursday. And the round it up, there’s no other doctor who can review the report apart from this very ‘clever’ doctor.

So what can I do? Just wait lor…I just hate waiting, especially if I want that thing so very much!

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