Birthday Celebration @ Saisaki

July 18, 2009

Firstly, I would like to thank all who send me birthday wishes throughout the day and also all my close friends who came for dinner on Friday. Would like to thank the organizer too, as it’s a very well planned dinner.IMG_1716

It’s been quite a while since we ate at Saisaki, I think almost 2 years back when Pat is still around. But me and May will still occasionally drop by at their sister restaurant Shogun @ 1U.

Buffet dinner starts at 630pm, but due to Friday’s chaotic traffic, we only arrived at the restaurant at about 7 plus. By that time, some of them are already there and already started eating.IMG_1721 Friends from work, Jiun, Sher Lin, Shireen and Chin2.

There are the ones that arrived very early as the place is very near to our office. And as you can see, some of them even finishing their 2nd round.

IMG_1724 IMG_1723 IMG_1725 IMG_1726

Remember the blunder that I mentioned the staff from the cake shop did? Well as you can see, it’s written in the birthday cake as Happy Birthday Jordan 29. Very very clever the staff.

Food-wise, I would say the standard have dropped a little. Most of the dishes that I ate is actually cold, and it’s actually hot dishes. The biggest disappointment is their Unagi. It’s so boney and chewy and it’s a disaster! While I will still recommend people to go there but think twice if you are an Unagi lover like me.

My friends being my friends, almost half of them a late, but it’s better late than never.

IMG_1763IMG_1747 IMG_1752IMG_1755

Some snap shots of the gang while all of us are waiting for Jason to finish his dinner (because he is the last to arrive!)

And here is a picture of me cutting my cake that May bought for me, and me singing to myself and me cutting the cake for everyone.

IMG_1731IMG_1732   And after that comes the present time. I had previously boldly hint to the lunch gang that if they are to get me presents, make sure that they get some neckties as I need some urgently (as I am required to wear it on a daily basis in my new company!), so my guess is, Chin2 (the organizer) had told Lin about it and there’s when he went over to Tang’s to get it before the dinner. That’s what I think lar…everyone is busy mar, so best time is Friday after work.IMG_1734I know some of you reading this are waiting for my comment on the ties right? Well, I think it’s good and nice to go along with some of my new shirts. Thanks Lin because you have to walk all the way from Pavilion to Wisma UOA for this lovely present. To the rest of the gang, arigatou as well.

As some of you mentioned, it’s not really what we are eating, it’s the company that counts and I really appreciate all of you who are able to make it for dinner that night.IMG_1757 IMG_1759

PS Chin2: Thank you very much for organizing this dinner, I hope that you get your fish ball as your incentive. Haha!

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    Great memory too…

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