Ajisen Ramen & Not So Ichiban Ramen

July 6, 2009

A couple of weeks back, while May was at the Secret of the Millionaire Mind seminar, she decided to walk out of it on Saturday as there was just too much selling happening throughout the seminar. So during lunch time, I went to the Mines Convention Centre to pick her up and we head over to Jusco Cheras Selatan for lunch.

Initially both her and Jasmin wanted to eat Pizza Hut, but decided against it after we reached there. So we ended up at Ichiban Ramen.

IMG_0228 Despite the name Ichiban which means Number 1, Numero Uno, the food is really Numero Zero! It’s actually quite pathetic that I didn’t even bother to take the ramen pictures as well. Just a few shots of us while waiting for the not so ichiban ramen.


Well I would just have to say that the taste is really disappointing. So if any of you decided to eat here, be warned! And the price is not cheap as well. Averaging a bowl of ramen is about RM18-RM20. For this kind of price, you can definitely find better ramen like Oh Sushi in MidValley.

So fast forward to 2 weeks later, we were walking in 1U to look for a baby gate for our nephew and since it’s nearing dinner, we decided to eat at Ajisen Ramen. Yup, it’s the same Ajisen Ramen that we ate in Changi Airport and they even have the Vulcano Ramen, one of the spiciest of their range.

IMG_0244 IMG_0243

May ordered their Pork Rib Ramen (yup, the shop is non-halal) while I ordered myself the Spicy Chicken Mince Ramen.

I can seriously tell you it’s like Heaven & Hell if you compare the ramen from both of the shop. The ramen here is so delicious that you will want more and not to mention that their chillies is really spicy and taste good as well. And it cost about the same price as Ichiban even though it’s located in 1U.

We also ordered some Gyoza, but I finished it before remembering that I should be taking some photos as well. But I am sure after what I have written here, you will sure wanting to go there to try yourself.

My only concern is that although I said that the ramen is good, there’s not really a big crowd in the restaurant despite it’s Saturday dinner time. But I seriously hope that this shop is here to stay!

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