540AM No More

July 27, 2009

Well tomorrow is the last day I will be at work. Although the thought of never needing to wake up at 540am is really good, but it also mean that I will be leaving a place where I have literally grew up with.

Hmm…it’s ironic that 5 and a half years passed by so quickly and I have made many friends along the way. It’s has been quite a journey, transitioning from an engineer job to a call centre job, and the sacrifices that needs to be made during this period. I still remember the day I received a call from Jine, conducting a phone interview with me while I was away working in Bintulu, it’s still so surreal. And I initially thought that she was just someone from HR calling me only to knew that she would be my TL.

I also still remember that when I finally reached KL and went for the interview, another TL and Shift Leader have to ask me twice whether am I serious about taking up this job, because…I am leaving an engineer job after all. My answer to them, “Well, I think this is a good opportunity because I always like this company and I hope that I can grow and move into the Financial Services industry.”

So come 4th February 2004, and I was on my first training class with 5 other people. And then the journey begins. Out of those 5 classmates that I have, none of them are still here. Well I guess, it’s normal.

I have learned a lot here, and done a lot of self discovering too. I learned how to sing in a Karaoke bar (that is to sing in front of others), I learned how to dance in a club (that is under the influence of alcohol) and not to mention I also learned how to puke after drinking lots of alcohol (no need to explain lar right?). I have had my highest point in life here and not to mention the lowest point as well, so it really carved what I am today.

The best part is getting to know a bunch of colleagues that you can call friends and family and they really makes it feel like home. Where you can talk about things and support each other when one needed them. All the bitching and gossips and all the latest updates. Where to find?

But every beginning will have an ending, so that a new beginning awaits. I might not be able to thank each and everyone of you (because some of you don’t even know I blog) but then still I would like to say to each of you that had play an important part in my life, a very big Arigatou!

p/s: Aiks, such an ‘emo’ post…but then it’s my last day so, what the heck!

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