Walking 2 malls in a day is very tiring!

June 6, 2009

I think this is one of the days where we visited 2 malls on the same day to do different things. We had nothing to do today after cleaning up our room and since we have not catch Angels & Demons yet, I bought 1130am tickets so that we could watch it before going back to Kepong.

It was ok when we reached Midvalley, but around the cinema area, it’s already packed with people. Sometimes I just wondered, why would people want to queue up to buy tickets, don’t they know that they can reserved online or over the telephone? They can even buy it online too, how convenient is that?

Then again, I think a lot of people just like to decide on the very last minute, hence the long queue.

Anyway, back to the movie. It’s one of the best movie I have watched this year. And it mirrored the book quite well and it’s amazing that one book can told the story of just something happening in less than a day’s time. My only regret is why I didn’t watched it sooner.

The movie ended about 2pm and when we were out of the cinema, the amount of people in the shopping mall is too much and literally it’s packed like sardine. We head to Kim Gary for lunch. I ordered my favourite drink, the Iced Ying Yong and May ordered the hot version of it.

IMG_0207IMG_0209  The came our noodle. Apparently they have changed their menu a bit with some additional noodles like the one that May ordered. Hong Kong Satay Style Udon.IMG_0211Which she said is not that nice because it’s too oily and there’s not much taste in the soup. She ended up moving all her udon to my bowl of noodles.IMG_0210Mine is the Typhoon Shelter Noodle with Pork Chop. Quite nice and spice enough just the way that I like it. After that, I bought something from Rooms that I will shared in this blog later. And the we head back to Kepong to pick May’s parents to go to 1 Utama.

May wanted some new pants as most of the current one can’t find her anymore. It’s quite packed in 1U as well. We stopped by for tea before going over to Jusco to find her pants. I only realised that pregnant woman wore pants that have huge rubber string around the waist. A new finding indeed. So after getting those pants, we had our dinner at Good Evening Bangkok.IMG_1515 A picture of May and her parents before we devour on the food.IMG_1511IMG_1512IMG_1513IMG_1514   The mango salad with catfish, tom yam goong, clear tom yam seafood (extra spicy despite the clear content) and green curry chicken.IMG_1516IMG_1517   IMG_1522IMG_1521

Baby kailan with salted fish, pandan leaves chicken, thai fish cake and moneybag.

Now you know why I am growing sideways right? Haha, just the 4 of us and we ordered about 8 dishes. All the dishes are quite delicious. The tom yam soup is sour enough and spicy enough to my liking. Green curry chicken is also quite good. I like the salted fish taste is really aromatic in the baby kailan. The pandan chicken, moneybag and fish cake are yummy too!IMG_1525 May pretending to eat the rice. (She’s the one suggested all the spicy stuffs today. I think the baby like spicy food. Good, like father like baby!)

We even managed to order dessert after 8 dishes, powderful right?


Cendol and red ruby dessert.

I would say dinner is quite satisfying, mainly it’s spicy. The usual problem with all these restaurant are their services. Today is ok as the restaurant is not full, but normally when the crowd is huge, then their services will dip and kelam-kabut. Well at least this time around it’s RM180 well spent!

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