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June 3, 2009

Today is actually the first day that I get to sit in front of the laptop to do something that is relaxing. Why?

I just had an internal interview this morning and was spending the last 2 days preparing for it. On Monday, I was at a friend’s place to brainstorm some examples for the competency questions that will be asked. And yesterday is when I was busy mind mapping those examples to make it easier for me to present the situation.

How I feel about the interview? Hope for the best, expect the worst. That’s what I can tell myself.

It’s funny as each time I am stressed, it will be shown on my face. Guess I am not a ‘poker face’ kind of person. It’s something not good, something that I need to learn and improvise as this could be a weakness.

So to you all readers, wish me luck in getting the position. Ok?

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