Memoirs of June

June 29, 2009

June marked the 1st year anniversary of But apart from that June also marked a lot of other things.

I am actually off sick today again, still with my cough and sore throat and my headache. Doctor said it could be because of the May’s pregnancy but I think it’s because of the heat. And was practically sleeping the whole day until now.

Just a little update on everything in June, the month sure past by fast. And within these 4 weeks, there have been a lot of changes, personal changes I mean. While last month I went for just 1 interview, this month I went for 3. And I can tell you that there are vast differences between these companies. From a small shop lot to an office located in a colonial building in KL to a big building. And of course different approach on how the interview is conduct as well. But all is good, and I gained some valuable experience in it. Now hoping for the best as I still have my July target to meet.

I have a few food posting I am trying to post a bit later. I am also trying to setup another blog specially for my attempts in cooking. So ‘watch this space’! Just another day and it will be July! My favourite month mainly because I was born in July. And not to mention I already got my 1st present.

Anyways, have a happy June and to Pat, have a wonderful birthday today ok? Although I know you just sent your daughter to sleep!

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