Jason’s Birthday Celebration @ TGIF Pavilion

June 18, 2009

It’s Jason’s birthday last Wednesday and after countless emails asking all my friends what and where to eat, we ended eating at TGIF in Pavilion. Food aside, the traffic last Friday was horrendous after a downpour about 6pm. Traffic jam on Friday is already bad, add in a tropical downpour and you will get a massive parking lot around the Golden Triangle area.

My reservations is at 730pm and all my friends including me arrived at the restaurant at 8pm. Luckily the staff there is kind enough to hold the reservation until 8, if not, the whole gang would probably need to eat at Food Republic.IMG_1563IMG_1564A couple of pictures of us before the food comes. IMG_1566Just one shot of the food we ordered. If you are not aware, Friday’s is having this promo where for just RM29.90, you get to order 1 starter and 1 main course from a specify lists. So the fried chicken is one of them, the other being fried mac & cheese.

I am just wondering if the restaurant is downsizing because the food portion is proportionate with the price. They used to have quite a large serving but the main courses that we choose seemed like half of their usual size, and not to mention that the food have deteriorate a little. I would say Chillies or Hard Rock Cafe still maintain their food pretty well compare to Fridays.

Food aside, the usual thing if you are celebrating birthdays at Friday’s would be the birthday boy/girl will get to stand up on a chair and performed some things and after that the whole Friday’s gang will sing a song for him/her (which I think the singing is not professional enough).

So Jason reluctantly stand up on the chair, being embarrassed, thanks to us putting him on the table!

IMG_1574IMG_1572   IMG_1573IMG_1575

It was a relevantly short dinner as everyone is tired of the chaotic Friday jam but nevertheless, it’s still a good get together after so long. So it will be sometime next month before we will meet up again, I guess?

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  • Reply pat.k June 18, 2009 at 2:39 pm

    happy birthday jason bro, if you are reading this.

  • Reply JD June 19, 2009 at 12:23 am

    pat, jason rarely goes online. and the same goes for facebook. haha, might as well send him an email.

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