Father’s Day Celebration @ Bavarian Bierhaus

June 24, 2009

We spent last weekend celebrating Father’s Day. One day by eating out with May’s parents while the other is spent at home cooking. Will first post about the one with May’s and then proceed with the one at home at a later post.IMG_1596This is the 2nd time I step my foot into this restaurant, famous for it’s Pork Knuckle. The 1st time was a few months back when we have a dinner with the gang.

IMG_1598 IMG_1597 

Of course apart from their Pork Knuckle, they have some of the finest German beer here as well. Both me and my father-in-law ordered this 0.5litre of Franzishaner Wheat and Dark Beer (RM29, happy hour RM25)

I still remember that the previous time, I was a bit tipsy after each of us other like a couple of these. Ok, other story aside, since there are 6 of us and we knew that the portion quite big, we ordered 1 salad, 2 soups, 1 plate of garlic bread and 3 main course.

The food was served in a timely manner, but I guess that’s probably we are one of the earliest customer there.

IMG_1601The Bierhaus Salad. Ok ok only, with some peanut salad sauce and a few slices of bacon.


Potato & Leek Soup and the Hungarian Beef Soup. Both the soup taste quite good, especially the Hungarian one. With some beef meet and tomatoes and a little bit spicy, good to dip with some garlic bread that we’ve ordered.

IMG_1605Next is the main dish. The first one I would like to introduce is their Honey & Pepper Pork Knuckle.

IMG_1607The Germans like us the Chinese, likes to eat a lot of pork, so it’s no wonder that most of the dishes you find in a German restaurant mainly consist of pork dishes. I would say this is not the best pork knuckle (thanks to the waiter who recommended this to us) because the one that we tried during our 1st visit is much nicer and crunchier. So if any of you reading this, give this a miss and choose the Garlic & Herb Pork Knuckle as it’s much tastier despite what the waiter says, ok?

The serving is actually quite big, comes with a portion of sauerkraut, some crispy bacons and roasted potatoes. The skin is still crunchy, but it’s not as flavourful compare to the other recipe.

The next main dish we ordered were assorted frankfurters.

IMG_1609The frankfurters comes in almost every sizes that you can imagine of. Short and stout, long and skinny, red in colour, beige in colour and there’s one that looks like the normal Chinese ‘lap cheong’ too. It too comes with a portion of sauerkraut and some mix sauce. Quite tasty but we didn’t managed to finish it as all of us are too full.

The next one would be their pasta dish. I would highly recommend this dish if you are a creamy pasta lover that also likes the garlic taste.

IMG_1612The Penne is cooked with a creamy based sauce, with a generous amount of garlic and mushroom in the sauce and top with some crispy bacon. I tell you, the pasta is heavenly! This is by far the best cream based pasta that I have tasted before in around the Klang Valley. If only my tummy is bigger, I would had finish the whole plate myself and lick the sauce as well.

And with the bill comes slightly over RM350, it’s a fair price considering the beer that we ordered and the quality and the taste of the food. Anyway, Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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