Being sick during these flu period

June 24, 2009

I have been having a sore throat for the past few days and decided that if I drank enough water, it should go away. But then it did not. I partly blamed the haze that resulted in this. Not to mention for the past 2 nights, I have been taking a dose of panadol before I go to sleep because I just have this scorching headache.

So come this morning, when I was trying to wake up, the pain got worse and I decided that I should call it a day, so that I am able to rest well.

I woke up about 8 plus and head to the clinic. The thought of H1N1 didn’t came across until I saw the doctor, wearing a surgical mask. So I was telling here that I have a sore throat and headache, and the first question she asked was, “Have you been travelling overseas?”. I said no. The 2nd question, “Have you been exposed to anyone that have travelled overseas?”. Once again I said no.

I guess this is a good practise because at least she knows that should not be a H1N1 case. I told her that apart from the sore throat and headache, I also have a lot of phlegm. So I was prescribe some antibiotics, some paracetamol and some cough mixture.

So right now I am sitting at home resting. And hopefully will feel better tomorrow.

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