Anticipating changes…

June 30, 2009

Well within the next couple of days, I will anticipate a number of changes. So hopefully all will turn out to be good and how I wanted it to be. Just another few weeks to go.

I went to cut my hair today, and have to wait for 1 and half hours to get my hair cut, and I am like almost falling asleep there. Luckily I didn’t take my medication after lunch, because if not I will surely be snoring loudly there in the salon. And remember the post with my many haircuts, I think I will scrap doing that already.

So while on my way home, May called and asked where am I. I was just about to reach home at that moment. When I was in my room, she actually wanted to eat porridge. Porridge is actually good, because she had been vomiting non stop for the past few evenings, every time after dinner. I guess baby don’t like dinner. So neglecting the dishes cooked at home, we went to Yulek for porridge.IMG_0246 The porridge stall is located just in front of Yulek 7-11 store. And some of my friends call it ‘Loving’ Porridge, because see the guy with the apron, he really is very dedicated in cooking the porridge. That’s why Kel labelled it as ?? porridge.

There are quite a variety of porridge that you can choose from, like fish meat, or pork, or mixed pork, and even frog! And pricie wise it’s about RM4-RM5 depending on what type of porridge you ordered. And since May initially wanted to eat fish porridge, this is what she ordered.IMG_0247The texture is quite smooth and it have ample amount of fish meat, with a dash of ginger and spring onion. So for RM4, it’s quite good.

IMG_0245 And here’s May all happy able to eat porridge for dinner. While myself, a packet of nasi lemak from a favourite stall nearby.

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  • Reply ChunFai July 5, 2009 at 1:38 pm

    It's 1 of the few porrigde stall I actually eat / like. The other one's near Bank of Tokyo… =)

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