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My 1st trip to the Obstriction

May 28, 2009

Ok don’t misunderstood. It’s actually my 1st trip with May to see the obstriction. She went to see him 2 weeks back while I was away at work and this time around, I make sure that I can accompany her.

It’s our baby 7th week and this is just a follow up to see if everything is normal.


The obstrictian have quite an unusual opening hours. From 9am-2pm and from 6pm-8pm. We head over as soon as May reached home and we are the 1st to reach. Check out May while we are waiting for the doctor to come.


We were waiting for quite sometime, so might as well take down the doc’s name.

The doc arrived about 610pm and since we were the first, we got called in as soon as the doc settle himself in the room.

So after asking a couple of questions, we were off to the ultrasound machine to do a quick check on the baby. It’s quite a new thing and it’s fascinating seeing a little life inside her. And there’s heartbeat too. May asked the doctor, “Who’s heartbeat is that?”. The doctor replied sarcastically, “We are not interested in your heartbeat right?”

The heartbeat was quite fast and I can actually hear it. Everything is fine so that’s good!

The doctor prescribe some medicine for May’s morning sickness. And guess what I saw on the counter.IMG_0193 Poison Book. I wondered what the nurse are up too. Anyways, will update more with the ultrasound pictures once I scanned it.

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