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May 31, 2009

I actually wanted to post this along with the previous entry but I think food and toilet don’t go together, so it’s better for me to separate it.

Now, back to the food, after a hard day’s work it is nice to have a nice cold beer, aaahhh……IMG_1490I got this ginger beer from Village Grocer on Friday night after one of my colleague recommended it to me. The name is Nippy’s and it’s originated from South Australia.IMG_1489The taste…it’s refreshing with an ample amount of ginger taste although it’s a bit on the sweet side. But since I don’t drink it often, I guess one bottle won’t matter. So if you want to try something different, get it at Bangsar Village @ only RM4 (cheaper than the average ginger ale you get from restaurant!)

I brought home some work from the office and ended up in front of an excel sheet for more than 4 hours while having lunch in between. I have asked mom to get us the nasi kandar in KL. And here it is…


The chicken is very juicy with the right amount of spice being marinated. The splash of sambal is sweet and not too spicy. And the kampung egg is just an addition because I am eating it in my house. I used to eat this during my schooldays, gosh I missed those days.

And after a satisfying lunch, I make myself a cup of this…IMG_1494A cup of 3-layered Aik Cheong coffee. Haha, basically you can do a lot of drinks with this 3 layered method. Next time I think I will try 3-layered Iced Cham (Coffee + Tea). And then I will be open a cafe that serve all these. Savvy? 

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