Just another Saturday

May 23, 2009

Just another Saturday, like any other Saturday staying at home before heading back to May’s place. Then again, Saturdays are like gems to me nowadays, a day where it brings me back to a sane place. Ok not going there to explaining that.

We went to watch Night at The Museum 2 last night and it was a pretty good show. If any of you reading this need to de-stress from work, try this movie.

So back to Saturday, I have been talking non-stop about having Domino’s Pizza for the past week, so we ordered it for lunch today.

IMG_1451 Ordering Dominos nowadays is quite good, mainly because they will be sending your order in 30 minutes of less or you get a free regular pizza. So we ordered about 1215pm and we got the pizza about 1240pm. Fast isn’t?

Here’s the box with the Terminator Salvation promo. Guess there’s a lot of advertising being put in for this movie, which I think I will skip it. Not really a terminator fan.


The pizzas, Tuna Pizza with special sauce with NY crust and BBQ Chicken in thin crust.


What’s good of the food without some picture of people pretending to eat it right? So here are May eating the BBQ pizza while Jasmin pretending to take a piece of the other pizza.

The NY crust is quite good mainly because there’s a thin layer of cheese on beneath the topping, makes it perfert for cheese lover like me. So if anyone reading this and you are feeling hungry, don’t wait…call one three hundred, triple eight, triple three.

Here are some shots of us really enjoying the pizza. IMG_1458 IMG_1459IMG_1461

After the pizza, I tried making myself a cup of 3-layered tea. Have been having this in a coffee shop near my office and looks not too difficult to make. And here’s the outcome.


Jordan’s 3 Layered Tea, cost only RM1 rather than RM4.90 from the coffee shop.

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  • Reply jimbo76 May 26, 2009 at 4:29 am

    nice pizza box!! haha..

  • Reply JD May 26, 2009 at 8:19 am

    yeah nice pizza box….

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