Sunday Dinner @ Cafe SBV Kepong

April 22, 2009

Since we had a wedding dinner on Saturday, our weekly dinner with May’s parents were pushed to Sunday instead. So while browsing a local publication in her house, we decided to head over to this Cafe SBV for dinner since it is having a special promotion where you get 50% off your a-la-carte.

IMG_1207 The cafe is tucked beside the Carrefour in Kepong. And here’s how they can offer 50% discount on our food. I guess that is also why the cafe is featured in the show “1 day 5 meal” hosted by Chui Ling.

Well the bargain is true that you will get 50% off western food and pasta with 1 condition. That is you have to order a drink as well. Not those typical drink like ice tea or ice herbal tea, but something more premium like juices or ice blended. So if you order that, then you are eligible to get 50% off your meal.

So I ordered Chicken Cordon Bleu while May orderes Sizziling Red Wine Chicken. Hers come with a basket of fries and salad.

IMG_1217 IMG_1216

The food is serve in a timely manner (less than 15 minutes).

IMG_1219 Here’s my Chicken Cordon Blue. Chicken chop with a slice of ham and cheese as toppings along with fries and salad.

IMG_1221 And here’s May’s Sizzling Red Wine Chicken with a corn hob and a piece of sausage.

I would say the taste is quite alright, nothing much to shout about except for the price. I think what you pay is what you get lar.

However, if you want to try something affordable, then definitely this is a place to visit. The bill came up to about RM100, quite nicely price seeing that there are 6 of us eating.


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