It’s Friday, it’s Friday!

April 3, 2009

Finally it’s Friday. Ah, 2 and half days of relaxation without anyone that can pisses you off (except for that stoopid neighbour who parked his car like a freak!).

I am really glad that it’s Friday and looking forward for steamboat dinner tonight with the guys, hopefully they will be cooperative in allowing me to snap some pictures of them in my blog lar ok?

And I also have got a request to post some photos of my friend online. (I wondered if she would like some exposure too, hmm!)

It’s going to be an exciting weekend I believe, steamboat dinner tonight not to forget a Clan War over PS3 as well. Car servicing on Saturday morning. Heading back to Kepong for F1 and dinner. Then maybe dropping by Pavilion on Sunday to use my soon to be expired Parkson vouchers.

Remember my Qing Ming post that I would like to wake up at 6am so that the day is longer, I am wondering if this can be implemented this week. May, are you reading this?

Also, I am RM200+ poorer thanks to income tax. Considering my previous year contribution, this is actually the lowest (fyi, I have to pay more than RM1k last year because my company didn’t deduct it the previous year) so I am a bit glad.

Hmm…what else. Trying to plan a close friend’s bachelor night, so will need to do some discussion on that minus the WAGs. So hopefully the next few days hopefully there’s some pictures to share. I am beginning to like this, I wonder if I can do this full time.

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