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March 19, 2009

This is my iPhone.

IMG_0902It’s almost 1 week old tomorrow. As young as it could be, it’s definitely more sophisticated that it looked. I picked it up from a forumer last Friday after spending the whole Thursday night thinking about getting it.

If you are a Maxis subscriber (which I am not), you will probably got the news that the iPhone will finally launch in Malaysia and it’s happening tomorrow. And from the latest website update, collection of iPhone is already fully booked tomorrow.

iPhone Maxis

Meaning to say that by tomorrow, thousands of Malaysians will be getting an official iPhone by tomorrow. Good in that sense that something so cool has finally landed in Malaysia, not for me even if I make a switch from my existing carrier to Maxis.

Even since the launch of iPhone, I have always been wanting to get one. Although I might not be a hardcore Apple fan, slowly but surely the company’s innovative inventions have influenced me in a way. From the iPod to the iMac and now the iPhone. Reason I didn’t get it any sooner is the there are a lot need to be done to the phone before it can even be use in Malaysia. And without a proper launch, you won’t get any support from Apple.

And it is not until last Thursday that after some readup, that I know that you can actually use Singapore’s Singtel set in Malaysia. So I found a forumer who actually sell that and quickly got into a deal with him. It’s good in that sense that I know if there’s any problem with my phone, he will assist to send back to Singapore for warranty. So with that in mind, I gave in and purchased my 4th gadget this year.

IMG_0909IMG_0906 IMG_0907IMG_0908

I am still very new into this and there are still alot to be learn. But after 6 days of using the phone, I seriously think that this is the coolest and most versatile phone that I ever own. So versatile that I even got a “baju” for it. And that explains why I blog less this past few days.

So what are you going to do? Signed up with Maxis or got get yourself a Singtel set! And I will try to post from my iPhone soon…

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