Earth Hour Malaysia 28th March 2009

March 16, 2009

The Earth Hour was an annual international event created by WWF that asks household and business to turn off non essential lights and electrical appliances for 1 hour to raise awareness towards our action on climate change. The first Earth Hour started in Australia and many countries participated the following year.

Malaysia will be participating in this year’s Earth Hour happening on the 28th March 2009. And if you head to their website, you will see that a lot of our local artiste are participating in the project.

I am posting this as I do think that as part of the entire human race, this is one thing that I can contribute to minimize the climate change. And if you notice the recent years, thunderstorm in KL are getting scarier and questions needed to be ask where the saying goes “Lightning never struck twice”. While I was driving back during a thunderstorm recently, I saw flashes of lightning hitting a spot again and again…and it’s not a good sign. The Earth is telling us something and as long as we are living on this planet, the Earth Hour is the least that we can do to show our care towards this planet.

As for Malaysia, if you visit the website Earth Hour Malaysia, it’s hoping that our country can reach the targeted 5 million people to participate so that it could contribute to the 1 billion switching off their lights come that day.

So to all of you who are reading this, I hope you will join me in participating in this event and show our care to our beloved planet Earth.

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