Dinner @ The Ship PJ

March 21, 2009

I asked May on Thursday whether she’s interested to eat western food on Friday. We were supposed to eat out after getting my incentive but we soon forgotten about it. So with nearly 60-70% of my incentive gone, I think it’s better to eat now before it’s all gone. So out we went on Friday to spend some time together. And we ate at this restaurant.


The Ship @ Damansara. It’s been ages since I step foot into this restaurant. And it used to be some place that I only go if we are having some special celebration. Well, I thought today is a day to celebrate as well, celebrating that it’s finally the weekend!

Once you walked into the restaurant, you are brought into a old ship setting. You can see that the waiters and waitresses are those who have worked there like a good 10-20 years.

IMG_0912IMG_0911The setting is combined with something old and something new. Like the serviettes is still very much like last time, where else new technology is blended in like the buzzer that you can use to order you food, to ask your dessert to be serve or to get the bill.

IMG_0915 IMG_0914

2 of us posing for the camera after ordering our food. About the food we ordered, I think we had over-order. Starters, soups and mains. How’s that for our waistline?


The buns that they served is not that nice anymore. It’s cold! If you have more budget, go for their garlic bread. It’s yummy at an extra Rm1.90 per piece. And our salad that comes with our main course.

IMG_0921 IMG_0919 IMG_0920

I told you that we over-ordered right? After the bread and the salad, our soup came along with our favourite, the Escargot. My first taste of these french snail is at the Ship, and throughout the years, they still serve the best Escargot here. Being greedy the two of us, we ordered 2 bowl of soup, one being their Seafood Tom Yam and the other French Onion Soup.

The soup still taste good, as always my favourite is their French Onion Soup, there are so much onion inside and the soup is really tasteful. The same can be said of the Tom Yam soup as well. Tasty, hot & spicy! By the time we finished the soup and starter, we are almost full. Then come the main courses…

IMG_0922IMG_0923  IMG_0924IMG_0925

My sizzling chicken fillet and May’s Taurus Neptune combo. The sizziling are classic, where you are given a napkin to cover youself from those sizzles. Overall the food is quite good compare to the KL branch (which I went a couple of years ago) and way better than a lot of those western food restaurant. So if any of you want to find that lost taste, I suggest paying the Ship a visit.

We head over to Digital Mall after that in hope of getting a PC game that May wanted. The title of the game, Sherlock Holmes: The Awakening. I’ve been trying to look for it on the internet but can’t find any. Hoping I can get it soon.

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