Anniversary for Grandpa

March 22, 2009

It’s been 2 years since my grandfather pass away. And today is the 2nd anniversary. Time really flies. And I was tasked to get the famous “Sei Ngan Chai” duck from Petaling Street for prayers. So we took the opportunity to wake up early Saturday morning to have breakfast at “Chung Wah Hong”.

IMG_0926We actually wanted to eat the Yong Tau Foo there but apparently the stall is still preparing when we reached there. So we ended up ordering a plate of “Chee Cheong Fun” and Laksa.


The standard plate of “Chee Cheong Fun” only consist of the sweet sauce and chilli sauce, while the Laksa consist of long beans, aubergine, “Taufu Pok” and “Chu Pei”. What an early breakfast right?


Right after breakfast, we head over the stall to get the duck. And I am surprised that at 845am, the crowd is already queuing up to buy the famous duck!

IMG_0935The duck is only RM40 and the taste is really good and if you really drop by the shop, don’t forget to get the Duck Feet “Bao”, a delicious delicacy where a marinated duck feet is wrapped with the liver and gall using the intestine. Nice, if I never had gout, I would have grabbed a few to eat. Anyway, we head straight home after that and my grandma is already cooking a feast!

 IMG_0941IMG_0942 IMG_0943IMG_0946

All the food for prayers. Do you noticed that the duck shot is super cool along with the lighting? I have taken the shot with an external flash and the macro shot is really nice. Makes me wondered if I should get a flash for my G9, hmm…some budgeting needs to be done again.


May with my cousin sisters watching on as we are burning the contributions to grandpa.

Hmm, don’t you wish that everyday is a sunny Saturday?

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