30th Anniversary!

March 4, 2009

Today is a special day, for my parents at least. It’s their 30th Wedding Anniversary and currently am still waiting for my sister to come home before heading out to a nearby restaurant for dinner. Apparently this restaurant is quite good, in terms of food quality and price. I shall blog about it later.

On a separate note, May finally found her ring. Apparently it slipped when she was packing up her laptop yesterday into her office drawer. She managed to find it this morning. At least no need to spend another chunk of money getting another pair of rings.

I am looking forward to another long weekend. Will be heading down to Singapore this Friday and heading back to KL on Sunday night. And then Yam have invited all of us to his new pad. I wondered what’s in store for us. I missed the email as I left early, apparently he requested us to only meet up at 3pm. Wouldn’t it be a little too late? Need to work on Tuesday leh, Yam?

Back to Singapore, it’s been ages since I step my foot there. The last time being er, when I am transiting in Changi Airport on my way back from UK. Yup, definitely that’s the last time. Although I have been pestering May to go there all these while, she resisted everytime citing that there’s not much things to do there, the things you find there you can also find in KL and of course, things are much more expensive there.

Anyway, after much persuasion, we managed to book the flight tickets down to Singapore this coming long weekend. RM360 for 2 return, ok what. Quite cheap also. It’s faster minus the long journey down south. Things that I would do there, shop for gadgets, taste the baby ribs of Tony Roma’s and walk around a little. I am sure much has changed since it’s been 10 years I step my foot on the island republic.

Ok, now back to the anniversary dinner, in fact I just reached home to continue this post. We went to this place near our house to eat, the name of the place is called WSW. Short form for Wong Siong Wong.


It’s just a small restaurant located in one of those housing area around my place. As I seldom eat out, I only got to know the place when my parents told me about it and when they asked us for dinner today. Some of the food we ordered.

IMG_0831IMG_0836  IMG_0833 IMG_0835

From top left, Gold Pot Toufoo, German Pork Knuckle, Steamed Kampung Chicken and Steamed Talapia with Ginger

And since all of them knew that I can’t eat crab, they ordered 2kgs of meat crab and the cooking style as below

IMG_0839 IMG_0837

Creamy Butter Crab and Salted Egg Crab

And guess how much is the total bill? Just a mere RM180. And one last quiz, can you figure out what does this bottle contain?







I’ll show you more clue…

IMG_0840It’s called “Yeh Chi Fah Jau” or what they called “Todhi”. In English it’s called Coconut Flower Wine.

I have heard of it before but haven’t really tried it before. I would guess the only resemblance that I did ever try would be Malibu. But this really tasted so good, better than beer. And the price of 1 big mineral bottle, RM6. Where can you find such cheap alcohol?

After we paid the bill, we got “Guai Lin Gou” as dessert as well. Not bad for a small restaurant right?

IMG_0842Anyways, to my parents, Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary!


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