Karma, believe it?

February 19, 2009

Do any of you guys believe there’s karma? You know, that whatever goes around comes around.

Well if you don’t then it’s great because you won’t relate things that happen, happened for a reason, or at this instance because of the past. Sorry that this will be a picture-less post, but I have thought of posting this quite a while ago.

There are a lot of things that will make you believe that something happen because of what you did in the past. Whether it’s good karma or bad karma. Let me take an example, if you treat your elders badly, expect to be treated the same way when you are old. Like it or not it’s karma.

I don’t have a personal experience on this but at least I think I am doing what is right at this point of time. Either it’s respecting my elders or my friends. So I kind of know what will happened in the future.

So if one decided to forget it’s roots because of something, then I can foresee that the same karma will befall to that same individual. So is the one who can’t stop forcing the happiness out of everyone with sarcasm, I hope that he/she won’t have a bad ending to their life.

My point on this? Treat the ones how you would want to be treated, and by that you will have good karma, if not behold the bad ones.

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