Chor 8 is “Bai Tin Kung” Day

February 3, 2009


Being a quarter of a Hokkien myself, Chor 8 is another big celebration for us. Ironically, after meeting May, normally my Chor 8 will be spent at her place as in Kepong have a bigger celebration compare to Cheras/Sri Petaling/OUG. As far as I remember, this is the 1st time me celebrating Chor 8 at home.

The rain that started from 4pm didn’t dampened anyone’s spirit as most of my uncles and aunts make it for dinner and started to prepare for the prayers right after that. IMG_0632IMG_0621 

So by 10pm, all of my cousins are busying folding the ‘’kam & ngan” (gold & silver) for the ceremony. While the rest like my mom, aunt and grandma are busying setting up the table.

IMG_0628 IMG_0625

All the years spending in Kepong. I have always seen the sky filled up with lanterns ascending to the sky. Yup, if you have watched Red Cliff Part 2, there are thousands of ‘Hung Ming’ Lantern at one particular scene. I have always wanted to light that up but normally I will left it at the last minute and forgotten about it when Chor 8 comes.

So I was thinking since I will be at home this year, I can get it this time. And we managed to buy it when we were walking pasar malam on Sunday. So by the time I opened it, everyone started to queue up to write down their wishes.IMG_0635

So after everyone finished writing their wishes, it’s time to let it up to the sky.

IMG_0639IMG_0638 IMG_0637 IMG_0640 

Lighting up the lantern is not that easy. It would be the same process as a hot air balloon. It took us a good 5~10 minutes to get enough hot air to make it afloat. And another 10 minutes for it to be able to raise up to the sky. But seeing it ascending is great. So now, make sure our wish comes true. Sportstoto Mega! RM6 Million!

We ended the night we ‘lou sang’. This is my 7th time. Hopefully someone would organize another outing to make it 8.

 IMG_0648IMG_0644 Anyway, Happy Niu Year again!

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