Avoid rainy Bali in December Episode 1

February 5, 2009

Ok, if you ever wanted to go to Bali, avoid the month of December. Why? Because it’s always raining in December in Bali. That’s what you get if you managed to get the cheapest package from no-frill airlines.

This blog is solely for memory purposes as the writer is getting forgetful nowadays.

Back to Bali, if you don’t know by now, we went to Bali for our honeymoon. And we got one of the cheapest package that you can get from AirAsia. RM1800, 6 days 5 nights inclusive of airfare and hotel, where to find?

After reading countless post from other bloggers on the infamous “Babi Guling”, I have actually listed it as one of my to do list in Bali, apart from art shopping, visiting the volcano & rice fields, as well as learning to surf.

We boarded the late afternoon flight to Bali, with a slight delay of 1 hour. Silly me thinking that Bali 1 hour behind KL (it’s actually the same time zone), so there’s no time gain when one travel to Denpasar.

IMG_0421 Day 1

After getting the local time wrong, we arrived at Denpasar airport almost to half past 9. So right after checking in to Hard Rock Hotel, we went out hunting for dinner. *Mind that we didn’t eat dinner on the flight*

Come to think of it, our honeymoon is more like a makan-makan trip, reason being most of my photos consist of more food than us.

IMG_0425 IMG_0424 IMG_0423 IMG_0422

We went to this restaurant by Kuta Square, recommended by the taxi driver when he drove us to our hotel. Since it’s less than 5 minutes walk, we decided to chow here. And to our surprise, this restaurant have one of the best mee goreng and nasi goreng in Bali. After the satisfying dinner, we head back to hotel as it’s already past 1030pm.

Day 2

We woke up about 9am and was not expecting to go anywhere. Our initial plan is just to walk around Kuta beach area before going sight seeing the following day. So right after breakfast, we were preparing to walk to the beach when we met with this tour guide named ‘Ketut’ (number 4 in Bahasa Indonesia as explained by the guide). So after some haggling on the price, he agreed to drive us around for 450,000 rupiah. IMG_0428 So off we go to the some of the places renowned in Bali. Do you know that in Bali the Balinese arts are divided into different regions. There’s a region where you can get all stone carvings, right after that…wood carvings. And of course there’s Ubud, famous for it’s paintings. So we spent 1-2 hours around these area before dropping by the ever so famous ricefields.

 IMG_0435IMG_0436IMG_0431 IMG_0430

Right after that we were drove to this place besides an active volcano to have lunch. Wait, wait, wait…I remember the name. It’s Kintamani region. The view is fantastic, the food is so-so and not cheap. The bill comes up to about 220,000 Rupiah. So if any of you reading this ever go to Kintamani, remember to pack your own lunch. (Don’t be fooled by the pictures of the food, it’s really not good, take my word for it)

IMG_0440 IMG_0437 IMG_0460 IMG_0444

When all is done with lunch, we head back down to Kuta with some side excursion on the way. That’s when we encountered the rainy side of Bali. It was raining cats & dogs when we visit this coffee plantation. So we just chilled out to drink some local Balinese coffee. Question: Any of you can guess what’s in this jar? A special prize awaits for the lucky one who able to identify this.

IMG_0463 So after all the raining, we decided to head to Jimbaran for dinner. Rumour has it that this is the best place to have sunset dinner. And we were not disappointed as we were greeted by this…

IMG_0488We are lucky we did this the 2nd day, as the remaining days there were either there’s always too much clouds or it’s raining. The food is quite nice. And the best part is when we were having dinner, there’s these quartet came by and start singing “Fly Me To The Moon” bossa-nova style, without even us telling them to sing it. It’s quite a romantic feeling. Sun, sea and nice songs bossa-novalized, what more can you wish for, for a honeymoon. We head back to the hotel after dinner. Feeling satisfied…so this is what honeymoon and married life is all about! Hmm……part 2 to follow.

IMG_0498 IMG_0495 IMG_0496 IMG_0497

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  • Reply kenneth October 19, 2009 at 11:46 pm

    asam in the picture ?

    • Reply JD October 23, 2009 at 1:49 pm

      nope it’s actually musang’s shit…made into coffee

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