When is it too late?

October 9, 2008

It’s just slightly over 2 months before the ‘BIG’ day! I feel that there isn’t a lot to do but then again when I was laying on my bed the other night, I was feeling a bit of freaking out.

For starters, I haven’t finalize my invite list. Then I haven’t prepare my wedding slides. Not to mentioned the song selection for the wedding dinner. And every weekend seem to just buzz past real fast without both of us doing anything. Blamed the new bed, it’s so appealing and always asking us to take a nap.

So if you are me, will you be freaking out? Ok, I must admit that I am not really that ‘freaked out’. Just that I am dili-deli-ing stuffs. I guess must set up a ‘to-do’ list so that I can get all this things off my mind.

And also not to forget, both me & May would like to wish Alex & Phoebe……Congratulations to both of you! Finally married already! The last of the gang back in Sedaya. So Alex, will you be coming back to KL to have a wedding dinner? Or you going to invite us over to Perth? Let me know so that we can make prior arrangements, ok?

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